Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Accomplishing Great Things Even with Amazon around

Fabletics keeps proving that Amazon conspicuous advantage in modern fashion e-consumers market is no excuse for not excelling in business. Amazon currently controls 20% of the market, a formidable advantage by all standards. However, Fabletics has been able to grow a $250 million business in the space of three years. The secret of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not far-fetched.

Putting in place the right business strategies remains the edge Fabletics
has over many of its competitors in the industry. Strategies like Reverse
Show-rooming have done much good than earlier expected. It is simply the opposite of Show-rooming, which describes situations where people go to bricks and mortar stores to see what are on display only to go online to make purchases. Reverse Show-rooming is simply the opposite i.e. going online to search for items, the purchase of which will be made in the physical stores or offline.

Show-rooming has done more harm to companies than good. People walk into these physical stores, closely observe the items on display and enjoy some expertise services from employees. Instead of doing their buying with these stores, consumers go online and most likely buy from other competitors offering the items at reduced prices. Reverse Show-rooming remains one viable way of curbing such ugly trend, and companies such as Fabletics have been able to achieve this through its membership model approach employing personalized and on-trend service that offers items at half the market price.

This strategy is yielding great results just as it did for Apple and Warby
Parker. Any time from now, Fabletics will be opening several additional
physical stores even though they already have no fewer than sixteen spread across most cities in the United States including Illinois, Hawaii,
California and Florida.

Doing well even with the presence of a bigger competitor like Amazon is no small feat for Fabletics. Only Warby Parker, Bonobos and few others have scale such heights.


Fabletics is a fashion firm that produces fitness apparels. It is owned by
Kate Hudson. It has been able to establish a strong relationship with its
customers through a monthly membership structure. The wisest thing a
customer can do while joining is to opt for the VIP status as it affords
the privilege of only paying $25 for the first outfit you order. In the
event you could not make purchases in a month, you lost nothing, not even a penny. The interesting thing about this membership stuff is that you get a curate of outfits per month with prices of at least 2-3 outfits in the region of $49 and $59.

Fabletics always want to know one or two things about the sorts of workouts you engage in and your thrilling styles of outfits. You will have to provide these pieces of information via a survey. The company can then be good position to rightly pick outfits for your consideration.

Finally, here is my opinion of Fabletics services in a nut shell:

Quality: Fantastic! Outfits hardly fade.

Style: To taste! They seem to have all known styles.

Value: Good value for money! Paying just $50 for such great deals is rare
to find.

Ease of Use: Impressive! Their website is not only beautiful but also

Customer Service: Loving! They are never tired of meeting customers’ needs and requests.