Tammy Mazzocco Is the Realtor’s Realtor

Tammy Mazzocco is the kind of person who doesn’t let any dust settle on her path. She is a very successful residential Realtor in central Ohio. Her view of the real estate business and her work habits has shaped her work and her ultimate success.

2016 was a good year for real estate in Ohio, as jobs were plentiful and people had money to purchase houses. However, in the middle of November, it became apparent that there was a housing shortage. Even though the money was still there, sometimes there might be a couple of people or more haggling over one house.

Mazzocco posted on Facebook that she doesn’t get too concerned about what the general market is doing, as there is nothing she can do to affect its outcome. The only thing that she can control is herself, and that she can do very well.

Mazzocco started her real estate career as a secretary for a nine-person team at a commercial real estate office. She worked her way through a series of supportive roles in the business until she saw the income opportunity of being a realtor herself. That was the ultimate moment for her as today she has everything fairly well figured out.

Her day begins with some warm-up stretches, some meditation, and then paperwork, which always piles up unless you take care of it daily. Then she spends an hour or two on the phone following up on computer leads and setting appointments with prospective clients to show them Homes. Tammy knows that if she can get someone talking on the phone with her, they are likely to spend time with her looking at properties, and the chances for a sale are more likely.

Mazzocco is a goal setter who likes to break down her objectives into smaller steps that are easy to accomplish, and she puts her clients first on every scale because if they are well taken care of, they buy houses.


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