Kate Hudson: Fabletics is About the Community

The bar is rising for business in every industry. It is not in the products that the bar is rising. It is in the way it treats its customers. People are paying more attention to the social aspects of the business. One of the causes of this is the internet which is making information available for people to look at. This is taking away from the belief that the internet and mobile technology is causing people to be disconnected from each other. For one thing, internet and technology is actually bringing forth more interest in social issues.


There has been a lot of thought put into the brand beyond the products that it is selling, even though the products do stand out in many different ways. Kate Hudson has thought about what she wants her brand to stand for as well as what she wants to sell. While her brand does sell a lot of clothes that are made for multiple body types, this is not the only thing that she wants to focus on. For such a broad focus, she has put a lot of thought into the designs of the clothes. This is actually quite a good approach.


While she wants to bring attention to some of the greater causes behind the fashion. She has also wanted to make it appealing to work for these causes. At the same time, she knows how to market her products and bring forth savings that rival Amazon for the quality of the products. One of the most important parts of marketing is how social media is used. One thing that needs to be understood about social media is that it is a lot different from television and other forms of media in that it can’t be used for just advertising.


The best way to use social media is for community engagement. Kate Hudson makes sure that she is engaging with the community so that they will feel like they are important. Customers that are given very minimal attention are more likely to leave a brand. Many people are looking for a connection, and they want to find it in any way they can.