5AM Ventures Partner Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage joined the 5AM Ventures firm in 2003 after working in various healthcare organizations for over three decades. Before he became a part of the venture capital business, he worked as the Chairman and CEO of a company called Cubist Pharmaceuticals beginning in 1994. He received his BS degree in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, then went on to earn a PhD from MIT in Chemistry, as well. He received instruction for his PhD studies in the lab of Chemistry professor Richard R. Schrock, who had previously won a Nobel Prize for his field of work.


As a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures, which is a position he’s held at the firm since 2004, he works with scientists, physicians and business executives, or entrepreneurs, by helping them develop their ideas into medicines that could treat medical conditions that have gone untreated due to the lack of a solution for them. He has invented more than 30 patents, and has been in many leadership roles at healthcare companies, where he successfully obtained FDA approval for certain pharmaceuticals. He’s also run many clinical drug trials.


5AM Ventures, which was founded in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Schwab, offers early stage investments to clients, and Scott Rocklage revealed that the name of the business represents the fact that it is a company that is considered to be in its early stage. He credits his success within the business to his ability to stay well-organized when it comes to time management and prioritizing, and to the fact that he pushes himself to keep learning and growing.


Aside from his duties at 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage has also written over 100 peer-reviewed research papers, and he sits on the Board of Associates at Whitehead Institute, which is a non-profit biomedical research institution. He’s said that the medical trend that he is most excited about is the growth in the ability to target certain mutations or genotypes when it comes to treating cancer in a different way. He feels that this new method is already extending the lives of some cancer patients, and that it will improve in the future.


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