How EOS outdid industry veterans such as chapstick to become the best in lip care

If you have been keen on following the social media accounts of stars such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift among others, you might have noticed that they seem to carry EOS lip care products everywhere that they go. It is interesting to see the change from the traditional chapstick to the new, colorful and stylish orb-shaped lip care products. The amazing thing about the package is the shape to the fragrance and the interesting sound that the packages make when you shut them. However, the journey to beating the industry veterans and overtaking the shelves’ on the lip care aisle was not an easy one.

When the founders of the line started thinking about creating the product, the first thing they wanted to do was look for a replacement that would be more than just another rand on the shelves. They knew that knocking off a few cents from the normal cost of the product would not be enough. The idea to create a different design of product was the first step towards their success.

The second step was getting a person who would agree to stock their products. They tried many places, but it was one manager at Walgreens that gave them a break. Soon, the product was flying off the shelves and Walmart and the other outlets like Target were stocking. Then, they needed brand ambassadors that would appeal to their target market of young people. They picked a few stars such as Demi Lovato, Miley and Nina Dobrev. Within no time, the brand was trending on social media and they had gained a cult-like following.

The current sales and the projected sales of the future indicate that the company is getting stronger and selling even more. With their carefully manufactured and safe line of products, the sky is not the limit for EOS.

Securus Technologies Publishes Public Comments

With the recent spate of shall we say, consumer relations disasters plaguing companies right now, it may come as a bit of a surprise that one company is not only taking into account and listening to what their clients are saying but are also willing to publish those comments for the entire world to see. But Securus Technologies is certainly a company known to break the mold, the inmate communications solution leader has a long past of always striving towards providing not only solutions for connecting inmates with those they love living on the outside but also with the tools needed to ensure hat order is kept in every facility utilizing their systems.


Securus Technologies Clients Speak About Their Experiences with the Company’s Communications Solutions


Often when reading reviews of a service or product terms like crime prevention or ensures safety don’t appear but these two terms are found at the core of almost every client comment about Securus Technologies services.


The efforts on the part of Securus Technologies has helped prison officials create a safer prison system, no easy feat within an environment known for its inherent problems with not only violence but crime as well.


Securus Technologies Helps Prison Administrators Maintain A Safer Prison System For Everyone


The prison system can at times be quite a dangerous place, such is the case anytime a large population of those who have demonstrated a lack of regard for rule and law are housed in close quarters in one facility, though the technologies Securus equips prisons with have made the systems safer for inmates by breaking up potential crimes in addition to aiding in convictions of violent criminals.


If you would like to read some of the comments Securus Technologies clients are making please visit


Save Money on Beneful Dog Food by Combining Coupons

Are you paying full price for dog food and want to save money on the cost? Do you ever use coupons to help save money on the cost associated with dog food? If so, there are Beneful coupon’s for dog food that can help you to save money over a long period of time.

If you are interested in dog food coupons, there are plenty of websites out there that will allow for you to download and print coupons from home. If you do not want to print your own coupons or are worried that they will not be accepted by the stores, you can always purchase a newspaper weekly where you can find a number of dog food coupons weekly for brands like Beneful and Purina.

If you use a store that offers a shopper’s card, this is another option to help you to save some money on dog food. If you want to use a shopper’s card, you will also be able to load some coupons directly onto your shoppers card which will be used at the checkout and then will deduct the coupon price from your total.

Another option for saving money on dog food is to look on websites where you can purchase a group of coupons that can then be clipped and used at the checkout at the store. Some of the places online stores like Ebay will allow you to purchase a set of coupons that are normally found in the newspaper and then used in the stores. If you shop and use coupons often, you can use a variety of coupons together to make the cost of the dog food nearly free.

This will allow people to combine a number of different coupons to be used on one specific type of dog food. The coupons cannot be used together with the same coupon but can be used together if they are separate coupons with different values per coupon.

Hussain Sajwani -There is More to it for the Real Estate Mogul than Just Making Money

A trip to the UAE is not complete if you have not visited one of Damac’s projects. Damac is the real estate company in UAE associated with building some of the most prestigious apartments’ and luxury homes that give UAE its glitz. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

Apart from fine real estate projects, Damac has added to its name a luxury golf course that is owned by Mr. Trump. This success is attributed to the owner and chairman of Damac, Mr. Hussain Sajwani.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani founded the Damac real estate company in 2002 as a move that took advantage of the Dubai’s government offer that allowed foreigners to own property in the country. Mr. Hussain saw an opportunity to feel a need with luxury homes hence the formation of Damac.

He bought land in the undeveloped part of the country and put up houses that were sold in less than six months. This opened up more opportunities for him and his company to invest more in real estate. He also developed different partnerships including one with Trump. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

His association with Mr. Trump began before he was elected president back in 2013 when Damac was given the Trump branded golf courses to develop. Damac developed both the Trump international golf course in Dubai and the Trump world golf course under Hussain’s leadership. Mr. Trump has great reverence for Hussain Sajwani as revealed in his new year’s speech when he referred to him as a very amazing man.

Hussain Sajwani is also a renowned philanthropist. He has participated in various philanthropic events the most recent being the one to cloth over a million children in the world. His company gave a check of 2 million AED towards the camping that was flagged by the Sheikh Mohammed during the Ramadan period.

Mr. Sajwani is a respected real estate developer. In fact, he owners the largest private luxury real estate company in the Middle East. His success is attributed to his nature of being a smart businessperson that sees opportunity and ceases it. This is why he continues to excel even in other industries such as the hospitality industry.

Alexandre Gama Takes Brazilian Advertising To The Global Stage

Advertising legend Alexandre Gama has recently returned full time to the Brazilian advertising industry after working on a global level with his Neogama agency that became a global company because of a linkup with the BBH organization. After spending much of the 21st century working as the Chief Executive Creative Officer of the Neogama/BBH brand that required Gama to locate himself in London and travel the world on behalf of the brand; returning to Brazil after ending the link between his own ad agency and the global marketing leader has allowed Alexandre Gama to return to the make he has dominated since the 1980s.

Alexandre Gama began his career in advertising in 1982 when he worked as a copywriter for the Standard Ogilvy ad agency that has proven to be a successful starting point for many of Brazil’s leading advertising professionals. In 1990 the awards began to roll in for Alexandre Gama when he worked at the DM9 agency and won more awards than any other writer in Brazil over the next four years. Perhaps the biggest impact Gama has had over the course of his career has been at the Cannes Film Festival where his campaigns have won over 25 Golden Lion awards.



Whitney Wolfe Is A Force To Changes Everything In Dating App World

People have called Bumble the app that puts women in the driver’s seat. Men may not have ever realized that they were the dominant force on the traditional dating sites, but women like Whitney Wolfe were well aware of this. She made a decision to do something about it. From Hatch Labs to Tinder to Bumble, Wolfe has become a force in the app industry. She is certainly become a strong force that has allowed women to get a level of control that has not been seen before in the dating app industry.

The Bumble app, for Tinder followers, seems like a very familiar app. Whitney Wolfe was the person that had a hand in co-founding this company. It was one of the things that gave her a big presence in the industry. Whitney Wolfe was giving people the ability to actually do something different with this app. What she wanted to do was make it possible for women to have a say in what was going on with the men that they pick.

Whitney Wolfe, a University of Texas graduate, has become a force to be reckoned with for obvious reasons. She is young and she is innovative. Both of these are characteristics that are lacking in concerns to the dating app entrepreneurs of today. Another thing that makes her different is the fact that she is a female. These are things that have allowed her to build a whole new presence in the dating app industry. As a woman that is still in her twenties she has the ability to see things from a different perspective. She is someone that makes women look at the world of dating apps in a whole new light. Whitney Wolfe is finally giving women what they want, and single women are overjoyed.

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Choosing A Prominent Lawyer For Legal Advice Like Bruno Fagali

Are you facing a legal matter or do you want legal advice? Need a competent lawyer that provides services in Brazil? Then contact Bruno Fagali for help.

It is not a good idea to delay in getting legal advice or guidance once a legal issues occurs. Whether you’re dealing with a business dispute, or you simply need advice on business structure or compliance issue, it is advisable to get in touch with an experienced attorney right away.

First, you need to consider the reputation of any attorney you have in mind. No matter the reason you’re looking for a lawyer, you’ll likely pay a lot of money to this person.

Conduct a thorough background check on your potential attorney before entering into a contract or signing any retainer agreements. The State Bar Association provides tools and resources to help you find out about attorneys and their reputation.

Bruno Fagali has good reputation in the Brazilian legal community. His clients and peers have respect for him. He has practiced law for many years, focusing on Administrative Law and Regulatory Law. Well-established companies, corporations, organizations and high-profile individuals rely on his great expertise to resolve their complex legal problems.

Bruno Fagali is a hardworking attorney, and he strives to get the best results for his clients. Bruno Fagali works closely with his clients to determine the best strategy to address their legal matter. Bruno Fagali can also assist with many issues that affect businesses and organizations.



Eric Pulier Was the Co-Founder of ServiceMesh

ServiceMesh is a company that provides an enterprise-level cloud platform. This bridges the gap between cloud computing technology and a business’s ability to create real value. This unique platform enables customers to manage and oversee the lifecycle of their cloud-based service. This includes multiple IT delivery models such as SaaS, Paas and Iaas over both internal and external cloud service providers. The platform empowers businesses to rapidly respond to ever-changing needs and it lowers IT costs for service delivery.

Founded in 2008 by Frank Martinez and Eric Pulier, ServiceMesh serves a variety of customers in insurance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. The innovative company allows their clients self-service and on demand access to enterprise cloud applications cloud services and application platforms. This is done through what is called the Agility Platform. The company calls this IT as a service. It empowers companies to go quickly when building new applications and manage multiple service providers.

ServiceMesh received its first venture capital funding round of $15 million from Ignition Partners in November 2011. It also received an undisclosed funding round in July 2013 learn more about Eric Pulier.

Due to the great success and growth of the company, ServiceMesh was acquired by Computer Science Corporation in 2013. The acquisition by CSC will enabled the company to expand its cloud services and put up a greater resistance to its competitor Amazon Web Services. The exact amount that was paid for ServiceMesh was not disclosed. The original product Agility Platform lives on renamed as the CSC Agility Platform™ living within CSC and complementing the products and services of the acquisition company.

Eric Pulier innovated and founded many companies in addition to ServiceMesh that have grown and were acquired in the IT services industry. He also has a long record of the philanthropy and worked with Pres. Bill Clinton in the 1990s to find solutions for cloud computing to empower at-need communities. Eric is a recognized writer and author of his book called Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Invaluable leadership at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading companies that provide high quality health care management to its clients. The company has been around since 2013. There are over a hundred employees with collective work experience of 200 years. The health care management company is based in in North America. InnovaCare Health provides services that are cost effective and sustainable for the individual client or for the whole family. The company has its corporate headquarters set up in North Port Lee in New Jersey. They can be contacted through their official web site. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to redefine the way health care is being managed in the United States and to provide their clients with top quality services without hidden costs and additional hassle. For the company transparency and communication are the most important things

View the company profile at LinkedIn.

Currently InnovaCare Health is handled by Dr. Richard Shinto – the President and Chief Executive Officer. He joined the company in 2012, a year after it was founded. Under his leadership the health care management company has expanded massively. Dr. Richard Shinto has had twenty something years of clinical experience gained through his work in the fields of operational health care and health care management. His previous position was at Aveta Inc. but he had to move on from it after the company was sold. Dr. Richard Shinto has a Bachelor’s in science from the University of California at Irvine as well as a medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

  1. Richard Shinto’s former colleague, Penelope Kokkinides, from Aveta Inc., in the current Chief Administrative Officer since she joined the company again in 2015. Penelope Kokkinides previously occupied the position of the Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has also had more than twenty years of successful professional experience in the field of health care management. Penelope Kokkinides has specialized in a few government programs from the likes of Medicaid and Medicare. She also has amassed extensive knowledge in the health care industry and has expertise in the development of clinical programs. Penelope Kokkinides graduated from the Columbia University School of Public Health and has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in biological sciences from the academic institution. Penelope Kokkinides has also studied in a number of different universities graduating with honors every time. The InnovaCare Health company has greatly benefited from her being a member of the leadership team.

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Tammy Mazzocco Is the Realtor’s Realtor

Tammy Mazzocco is the kind of person who doesn’t let any dust settle on her path. She is a very successful residential Realtor in central Ohio. Her view of the real estate business and her work habits has shaped her work and her ultimate success.

2016 was a good year for real estate in Ohio, as jobs were plentiful and people had money to purchase houses. However, in the middle of November, it became apparent that there was a housing shortage. Even though the money was still there, sometimes there might be a couple of people or more haggling over one house.

Mazzocco posted on Facebook that she doesn’t get too concerned about what the general market is doing, as there is nothing she can do to affect its outcome. The only thing that she can control is herself, and that she can do very well.

Mazzocco started her real estate career as a secretary for a nine-person team at a commercial real estate office. She worked her way through a series of supportive roles in the business until she saw the income opportunity of being a realtor herself. That was the ultimate moment for her as today she has everything fairly well figured out.

Her day begins with some warm-up stretches, some meditation, and then paperwork, which always piles up unless you take care of it daily. Then she spends an hour or two on the phone following up on computer leads and setting appointments with prospective clients to show them Homes. Tammy knows that if she can get someone talking on the phone with her, they are likely to spend time with her looking at properties, and the chances for a sale are more likely.

Mazzocco is a goal setter who likes to break down her objectives into smaller steps that are easy to accomplish, and she puts her clients first on every scale because if they are well taken care of, they buy houses.