How Mike Baur Works with Investors to Support ICT Based Startups.

Mike Baur is Swiss businessman who is recognized for his success in the investment and banking industries. He has been committed to offering advice and financial aid to innovative entrepreneurs who have established businesses that provide excellent ICT Solutions. Baur was born in the Fribourg area, and he is currently a resident of the Zurich. He has always been passionate about banking, and this enabled him to have a successful career in the sector. Mike served major banking institutions during his two-decade career in the field, and they include Clariden Leu and UBS. In 2014, he decided to venture into investment and created the Swiss Startup Factory together with Max Mister and Oliver Walzer. Baur currently acts as the managing partner of the enterprise. The Swiss Startup Factory is recognized for being a pioneer company that offers business acceleration programs by using privately sourced funds.


To date, the Swiss Startup Factory has worked with different business leaders in investing millions of dollars in innovative startups. He has teamed up with various private investors who guide the young entrepreneurs on how they can be successful in the business world. Mike has also been working in close collaborations with various organizations that are devoted to ensuring the success of new ventures. He is among the directors of Swiss Startup Foundation, which is a body that he participated in establishing. The entrepreneur was on the jury of the START Summiteer. The event was organized by the University of Gallen to serve a challenge of startups. Mike has been acting as a deputy MD of the CTI Investment since 2016 when the company formed a partnership with the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike has excellent academic accomplishments. He currently holds an MBA and an Executive MBA. The Wall Street Journal recognized his career achievements and wrote a story about his success in the Swiss banking sector, investments in ICT startups, and his journey as an entrepreneur. The Swiss Startup Factory has made Mike Baur manage all its financing undertakings. He is in charge of sourcing funds for the company by convincing investors to support ICT-based startups. SSUF has offered resources to ensure that young businesses grow and build a niche in the corporate world. The company has also been providing its aid to high potential enterprises that have already been established but lack sufficient funds to expand. It determines outstanding startups by conducting searches across the country.


Anthony Petrello Rises to the Top of the U.S. Salary Lists

The CEO and Executive Chairman of the Nabors Industries group was named in 2014 as the top paid executive in the world as he saw his compensation for the year rise to more than $60 million in total. The question many of those who knew Anthony Petrello as a young person face is how to resolve the young man they knew with the world’s best paid oil and gas executive; Petrello’s former college roommate as Yale, journalist Lloyd Grove has responded to this dilemma in an article written about the public image of Anthony Petrello and the person he knew as a college freshman and more information click here.

Lloyd Grove explains his own view that it is important to remember how the young Anthony Petrello would react to his current position as a leading oil and gas executive. Grove remembers Anthony Petrello as a happy and fun roommate during their time together at Yale, but also remembers how driven the working class New Yorker was in his wish to reach the top of the industry he had chosen to work in. A mathematics wunderkind who was destined to become a top academic, Anthony Petrello instead set out to become an attorney and business leader who now heads the world’s premier oil and gas drilling contractor, Nabors Industries.

After making his name with the leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie, Anthony Petrello used his skills as a top financial and business legal mind to obtain his first role on the Board of Nabors Industries in 1991; just 20 years later Petrello became the Chair of Nabors Industries and CEO. The work of Anthony Petrello has not been limited to Nabors, but is also tied to a number of philanthropic works undertaken on a regular basis. Obtaining a major research laboratory for the Texas Children’s Hospital, Anthony Petrello sit of the Board of Trustees of has been a dream that came to fruition and allowed the Hospital to become one of the world leaders in research on children with neurological conditions learn more about Anthony.

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How USHELATH Group is leading the Healthcare Industry

USHEALTH Group Inc. is a healthcare provider that operates in the U.S. With its headquarters in Texas the company has managed to serve over 15 million people in a span of 50 years. USHEALTH Group provides its services through its subsidiaries; the National Foundation Life Insurance and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America to reach out to all the potential clients.

The healthcare company has been experiencing a positive growth due to the effectiveness of its distribution channel, USHEALTH Advisors. The channel has been responsible for recruiting and training insurance agents across the country. The agents are responsible for recruiting new clients by spreading information and awareness regarding the healthcare company.

The healthcare industry has been a lucrative yet a very competitive industry. With more established companies and new ones being formed more often, surviving in this industry is becoming a challenge. However, USHEALTH Group has not only managed to consolidate its position, but it has emerged as one of the leaders in the industry and learn more about Troy.

Other than the years of experience providing healthcare, USHEALTH Group also provides some of the best healthcare cover services at an affordable cost. They provide the individual health insurance, dental insurance, income protection solution, protection against accidents, illnesses, and fixed indemnity medical insurance.

USHEALTH Group realized that targeting a particular group of people wasn’t fair and efficient. Instead, the company managed to come up with a business model, where each person would get a customized healthcare cover that fits his/her needs. To ensure that everyone is covered, the coverage is also pocket-friendly and Troy of Twitter.

By providing a broad range of products, the company has managed to capture an extensive market and ensure that everyone is completely catered. By understanding that each client is unique and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, the organization has managed to revolutionize the medical care industry by providing customized care products and more information click here.