Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Sleep Apnea Expert and Philanthropist

Treating sleep apnea with dentistry is something that Dr. Avi Weisfogel has dedicated much of his career to achieve. He is a very well-known dentist in the New Jersey area who has been practicing for several decades. Throughout his years of research, he has found that many patients don’t feel they are getting adequate enough sleep nor do they think they need more sleep. Studies show that it’s necessary for people to try and get 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Those who suffer from sleep apnea are rarely getting close to that. People who suffer from lack of sleep experience many symptoms that aren’t beneficial to their health, and some can be quite serious.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has committed his career to helping those who suffer from sleep apnea, as well as helping other physicians properly diagnose those who may be suffering. He is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, which is a program that was developed to help other doctor’s offices treat those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea. The program also trains staff to look for certain signs and symptoms that could indicate sleep apnea. When obstructive sleep apnea occurs in someone while they’re sleeping, they experience a closed airway. When the throat relaxes and the airway closes, they cannot get sufficient amount of oxygen and blood flow to other parts of the body. This makes the heart work harder to pump the blood and get the oxygen to the necessary parts. That’s why he founded Healthy Heart, which is a collaboration of doctors who use their expertise to help those with heart issues. Dr. Weisfogel recommends an oral device that can be placed in the mouth while you’re sleeping to allow your airway to open freely, and get the necessary sleep you need.

Dr. Weisfogel earned his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in Biology and Psychology. From there, he went on to get his DDS from New York University. When he isn’t busy helping others with their sleep issues, he takes part in many philanthropy programs. He is an avid supporter of many charities and organizations that are designed to help others live healthier lives.

Whitney Wolfe Is A Force To Changes Everything In Dating App World

People have called Bumble the app that puts women in the driver’s seat. Men may not have ever realized that they were the dominant force on the traditional dating sites, but women like Whitney Wolfe were well aware of this. She made a decision to do something about it. From Hatch Labs to Tinder to Bumble, Wolfe has become a force in the app industry. She is certainly become a strong force that has allowed women to get a level of control that has not been seen before in the dating app industry.

The Bumble app, for Tinder followers, seems like a very familiar app. Whitney Wolfe was the person that had a hand in co-founding this company. It was one of the things that gave her a big presence in the industry. Whitney Wolfe was giving people the ability to actually do something different with this app. What she wanted to do was make it possible for women to have a say in what was going on with the men that they pick.

Whitney Wolfe, a University of Texas graduate, has become a force to be reckoned with for obvious reasons. She is young and she is innovative. Both of these are characteristics that are lacking in concerns to the dating app entrepreneurs of today. Another thing that makes her different is the fact that she is a female. These are things that have allowed her to build a whole new presence in the dating app industry. As a woman that is still in her twenties she has the ability to see things from a different perspective. She is someone that makes women look at the world of dating apps in a whole new light. Whitney Wolfe is finally giving women what they want, and single women are overjoyed.

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