Vijay Eswaran’s QI Group Look To Increase Educational Opportunities

Education has always played a key role in the development of the career of Vijay Eswaran, co-founder of the QI Group that has developed into a major global force in the direct sales industry.

Vijay Eswaran did not have the easiest start to his educational career as he was forced to move on regular occasions throughout his childhood because of the government work his father was completing at the time; Vijay Eswaran wants to aid others he feels could benefit from a higher level of education through his many philanthropic donations and the development of a new era in the work to be completed by the QI Group.

For more than three years Vijay Eswaran has been discussing the possibilities of the QI Group establishing a community based around buildings, products, and the ethical values the company has come to stand for since it was established in 1998. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Ground has now been broken on the construction site in the Malaysian state of Perak for the first phase of the development of the Quest International University community; this long held dream of Vijay Eswaran will see the assistance of the community placed at the heart of the work completed on a regular basis by the QI Group’s management team.

There are many aspects of the work of the QI Group that will be seen in the Quest International University Perak community, including a mall where the lifestyle products of the company will be sold.

The highlight of Quest International University Perak will be the teaching hospital that will bring state of the art medical knowledge to the people of this Malaysian state.

Education is an aspect of life that Vijay Eswaran has always been keen to push forward as a cause he is willing to back; Eswaran himself attended both the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University and now hopes to make a difference in the educational lives of many young people across the planet through the RYTHM Foundation that handles the philanthropic work of the QI Group.