Alexandre Gama Takes Brazilian Advertising To The Global Stage

Advertising legend Alexandre Gama has recently returned full time to the Brazilian advertising industry after working on a global level with his Neogama agency that became a global company because of a linkup with the BBH organization. After spending much of the 21st century working as the Chief Executive Creative Officer of the Neogama/BBH brand that required Gama to locate himself in London and travel the world on behalf of the brand; returning to Brazil after ending the link between his own ad agency and the global marketing leader has allowed Alexandre Gama to return to the make he has dominated since the 1980s.

Alexandre Gama began his career in advertising in 1982 when he worked as a copywriter for the Standard Ogilvy ad agency that has proven to be a successful starting point for many of Brazil’s leading advertising professionals. In 1990 the awards began to roll in for Alexandre Gama when he worked at the DM9 agency and won more awards than any other writer in Brazil over the next four years. Perhaps the biggest impact Gama has had over the course of his career has been at the Cannes Film Festival where his campaigns have won over 25 Golden Lion awards.